Real Life Tips

Useful real life tips for everything that happens outside the gym…

Elons Penis and time wasting…

Threads was launched this week and with it a plethora of drama. I’ll rarely use twitter, or other social media channels outside of instagram….but this

Intermittent Fasting

Fasting for faster results?

Intermittent Fasting is the new buzz term,  guess it will have something to do with summer time, and people getting desperate to shed the last


10 Fitness Christmas Gifts

Give the gift of FITNESS this Christmas!! Leading Online Coach Larry Doyle gives his Top 10 fitness gifts to suit all budgets…


3 Steps to a better week

Heres 3 steps you can take to make next week better than this week. First of all,  Better = +1%, it doesn’t need to be

fat loss

Is the Scales weighing you down?

Is the scales weighing you down? For the majority of individuals there is two responses when they step on the scales. SUCCESS or FAILURE.

How to NOT track veg

“How many calories is in Kale??” – Two weeks into January? and weighing vegetables??? doesn’t get any less shit? does it?


Put that coffee down…

Lets put the above into perspective and use sleep as the example . ? Sleep = Dollar’s Afternoon Coffee + Pre-workouts = Dime’s ?


Poop Tips!

❗The picture is the only sexy thing about this post❗. Cause I’m gonna talk about P??P. Not really one of those “like, share and tag

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