How to NOT track veg

“How many calories is in Kale??”

Two weeks into January? and weighing vegetables??? doesn’t get any less shit? does it?

Let you in on a secret? – the time and effort it takes to weigh⚖️ kale and enter it into MFP? probably burns the same amount of calories.

OUTCOME: (1️⃣) kale has about 20 calories and (2️⃣) you begin to hate MFP, food tracking in general and this whole “healthy eating” thing seems completely overwhelming and too difficult… And quitting starts to look awful attractive.

So new plan?…. We don’t worry about anything green… We just eat that stuff freely and focus on the stuff that actually matters?

Put the big rocks in first and the small ones will fit in after etc and something about sand…. Basically same approach here ☝️ kale and green veg = small rocks!!

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