About Kate Kelly

Kate is an integral part of Larry Doyle Coaching. She leads by example. With her own food and fitness routine, she inspires and gives daily tips to support the Affiliate community.ย 

Real Life Tips

Kate's transformation

A real insight into how to change your body composition and get into photo shoot shape!

Food Philosophy

Kate's kitchen

Smoked Turkey Rasher Noodles

The Kerrigans smoked turkey Rashers…ย pack some serious flavour and the high protein low fat macros make these a winner!!

How to work with Kate

  • Join the Affiliate or Macro Management.ย Through Kate’s own journey and experience of fat loss and gaining muscle, she developed the Affiliate and Macro Management with Larry. She gives tips and new food ideas weekly via @macroswithkate toย improveย yourย foodย relationship.
  • Come to aย Masterclass eventย and meet Kate and Larry.ย 
  • Follow her on Instagramย for health food and lifestyle tips daily.