Elons Penis and time wasting…

Threads was launched this week and with it a plethora of drama.

I’ll rarely use twitter, or other social media channels outside of instagram….but this caught my eye….A couple of comments on this 

1) Elon is a savage. 

The richest man on earth and soon to be Mars, calling out another fellow billionaire Zuckerberg on his own social media channel, requesting a package measuring contest…

2) He is literally deficient in fucks, zero can be given.
Not much else can be said here lol.

3) If Elon has time to fuck about on social media , you have time to get more things done.

For sure it was probably tweeted while on the loo , between one of his 48684 meetings today, but still, he’s active on/running socials, launching rockets into orbit, drilling huge holes, creating the cutting edge car and brain technology , the list goes on. he’s busy….

Lets put our dicks and measuring tapes away for the moment, 
Heres some practical take aways from this to get more time back in your hands, 

1) do a social media audit, have you checked your time spent daily on socials ? 

I had a consult with a new client a few weeks ago, she’s a successful and incredibly busy but also super stressed coach, who spends 4-5 hours per day on socials , a major element of my coaching is to increase adherence, point out the gaps and plug them, 

Will that stress increase from more time on socials, yes
Will that stress reduce adherence and sleep quality , also yes.
Can we get her more time back for the things she loves doing, hell yes. It’s win win.

2) Trim the fat.
Im not talking belly fat here, i’m taking about the excess in your day that doesn’t need your attention.I can guarantee Elon wont spend a second longer necessary that required on tasks daily , you shouldn’t either. 

Each day ill write out what needs to be done, I’ve got several white boards in front of me at my desk,  the smallest is my daily driver, ill write out what needs immediate attention, 

The bigger one on the wall, less important ideas go there to be dealt with at another time or just die, each week ill move ideas forward from that to the smaller for attention or erase them,

Prioritise the necessary and remove everything else.
Create clarity on the work and do it.

3) Pressure creates diamonds, give your self less time to get work done.

That can be on a project for work or your physique goals, a shorter time line is magic to get shit done.

We’ve all experienced this before, your phone or laptop goes to 10% , you have no charger on hand , all of a sudden your productivity goes up 10x , that job that would normally take you 30 mins got done in 5. Magic.

I write this email at 1130 am each Monday with the goal of getting it done before 1145 for midday sending. I could do it another time, but it would take me 3 x longer. I don’t allow my self the flexibility as it will rob me of more important time later in that day…

for your next fat-loss goal, , i’m all for slow and controlled diets, but set less time, watch what happens, you stop pissing about, you take action with the reduced time

You have more time in your day, hell you’ve just spend 5 mins reading this , I appreciate you doing so, but stop wasting it, take more action on the tasks that need to be done, and free up more fun time. 

You’ll see stress drop, more ROI in work and higher quality outcomes. 

Each and every consult I have with new clients, they spend minimal time each week on fun, hobbies and down time, its a crucial element to longevity but also getting more quality work done in less time.

Need a steer on how to manage time or your goals ? Shoot me a reply to this email , let’s chat. 

Id love to hear any questions you have for me. 

Now , back to work …..

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