What does 130g of protein look like as food?

I’m not eating enough protein – how do I eat more?!

I decided to share “what I eat in a day” and where I get my protein from so you can see how to make up 130g of protein. Why 130g? This is about the minimum amount for most women to eat to sustain their health.

I aim for 4 meals a day with 30g protein each, give or take I’m usually around 120 – 140g at the end of the day, and it averages out at 130g of protein for the week.

Here’s today’s protein sources:

❇70g porridge oats with 1 scoop of whey – the oats have 8g protein and there’s 20g in the Scoop. I also had 10g of walnuts on the porridge for fats, but these also have about 2g protein.✔

❇Tinned tuna in a seeded wrap. 23g protein in the tuna, 6g in the wrap.✔

❇Turkey mince (100g) in a noodle stir fry – the noodles have a whopping 9g protein and the mince had 25g. I also had 25g panchetta in here for fat – but that has another 5g protein.

❇Then for my last meal I had 200g Greek yogurt, with meringue and a few berries – 22g protein.✔

❇Followed by a slice of emmental cheese on some crackers – another 7g protein from the cheese and about 4g in the crackers.

So… Total for the day in or around 130g✔

I don’t need to “Track” – if I eat roughly the same tomorrow I know I’ll hit my 130g protein.

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