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Personal Trainer, coach and people helper Larry Doyle sits down with you each week, sharing interviews from friends and industry experts to help simplify your health and fitness journey. We cut through the nonsense, fillers and BS to give you simple real life tips.

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#49 Helen Keeble – Pelvic Health

Helen ( is an experienced, passionate and down-to-earth pelvic health physiotherapist. She is also a tutor/presenter and co-founder of In recent years Helen has also researched and developed

#41 Jordan Syatt – BullSh*t free fat-loss

Jordan Syatt is a short, bald, Harry Potter nerd with an affinity for Deadlifting and used to be Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal trainer. Jordan began Syatt Fitness, his online fitness coaching business,

#39 Kelly Geoghegan Sleepy Stars

Kelly Geoghegan is the founder of Sleepy Stars, she is a qualified Maternity Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician, First Aid Instructor and CPO with over 20 years’ experience working

#32 Seamus Fox – Mindset

Seamus Fox is an entrepreneur and founder of Mindset Junkie Academy and Podcast, where he teaches self development and performance through behavioural change. Seamus came to behavioural change

#30 Sean Kinane – Broken Metabolisms ?

Seán Kinane is the owner and head tester at Health Matters, a company that is unique and scientifically driven, specialising in fitness testing, performance enhancing, and overall health

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