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“Oh I know I should but I just don’t chew, I just inhale it LOL”
Do you really know why you should ?

“You are what you eat, digest, absorb, and don’t excrete”  – Dr Bryan Walsh.

Its all calories in calories out and calorie f#*king deficit mate ?…..right ??

30 chews (dont count this FFS, just get it to a semi liquid state before you swallow….)

Why we chew……(only a few and tip of the digestive iceberg).

TO Reduce:
-Digestive stress
-Fight or flight

TO Increase:
-Absorption of macro nutrients
-Absorption of micronutrient
-Quality of Bowel Movements
-Toxin excretion
-Relaxed PNS state

The mechanical action of mastication (chewing) will release crucial digestive enzymes & saliva necessary to prepare it for the onward journey.

Which has a down stream impact on the ability to break down the food you consumed when it arrives in the gut.

If that food has a larger surface area (not chewed) it will have a far harder time to break down, breaking it down to the smallest particles possible is key for appropriate digestion.

Each new area the food needs to pass through has a -specific role in the break down of that food.

It takes between 24-72 hours for food to pass through the body, But where does it go, and what happens. Yes uptown 72 hours, think of digesting a yoghurt, vs breaking down a steak…the gut doesn’t get wiped clean at 12 midnight each night and reset for the next day.

Digestion actually starts outside of the body, smell , sight, etc will illicit the release of digestive enzymes,

Then we chew, THOROUGHLY 😉

Through the oesophagus ,into the stomach , onto the small intestine, duodenum, digestion is mostly done here, now assimilation begins, jejunum , ileum , onto the large intestine, into the colon, onto the rectum,

Each area, has a job to do & specific chemical reactions that occur , putting the next step under more stress or pressure than necessary will absolutely add up over time.

We absolutely have control over how we chew, taking our time etc , yes if you have a large meal planned but have less time it will create hassle, my suggestion , swap it out for something that may be easier to chew at that time, forecasting in advance when you plan meals out and the time available.

Think of the mum/dad at home grabbing breakfast while running around the house getting kids ready for school, those getting ready for a meeting or travel, or those just busy and short on time.

It may be smart to grab shake here, or skip that meal, or put in something that is incredibly easy and convenient to consume, as opposed to wolfing the meal in, feeling bloated, gassy, backed up , not satisfied , with higher cravings.

Its an all round low level bad time , that has a knock onto mood, energy, appearance, how you feel & focus, which ultimately has a knock on to adherence.

Knowing the above will clear up SO MUCH and help you get some more control along with understanding as to:

  • why you “ate all your calories,

  • why weight went up/down”

  • why you were more /less hungry,

  • why bowel movements were off,

  • why you burped &farted.

  • why mood was affected,

  • why you didnt feel as sexy or lean as normal,

  • or why you just couldn’t stick to your calories for the week.

All because you didn’t chew your food….

Theres a reason why I eat slow, and why I tell you to eat slow too.-

Remember the 5 ,10,15 I speak on often …..

5 deep belly breaths prior, to shift into a more relaxed state, Rest & Digest.

10 seconds down time between mouthfuls, allow sufficient time to chew.

15 minutes for the meal , allowing you to slow down and be more mindful around the process, increasing satiety, and ultimately enjoyment of that meal…..

Its all incredibly simple, but even more powerful.

Just chew it!


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