The last "Fitness Plan"
you'll ever need

I will give you the tools and empowerment to get the sustainable long term results you’re looking for.
—Larry Doyle

Larry Doyle COaching

The last "fitness plan" you'll ever need!

I will give you the tools and empowerment to get the sustainable long term results you’re looking for.
—Larry Doyle

What is the Affiliate?

The Affiliate is an affordable monthly subscription for those who want sustainable long term results with a real life approach. Hear Larry tell you in his own words in this video.

What's included?

✅ Review of your goals and guidance from Larry on the best way to get there. 

✅Monthly training programme (Gym or Home Based suited to your level).

✅Nutritional Guidance with calories and macros for your goal. Plus your own login to our Macro Management food course  and @Macroswithkate  – everything you need for food success! 

✅ General health and wellness hints and tips to improve your lifestyle outside the gym. 

✅ Support and motivation in our vibrant support community with like minded others.

✅Exercise library of 450+ videos.

✅Weekly Q&A’s.

✅LD Recipe booklets.

✅Priority listing for exclusive LD events/workshops.

✅Ongoing support… and much more! 

“Investing in yourself  is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” 

What to expect.

You will to get fitter, stronger, leaner, improve your relationship with food and ultimately gain the tools and empowerment to take control of your health for life! All the tools you need for a health lifestyle for less than a €1 a day!

Upgrade to Affiliate PLUS + to get even more support

Includes all the features of the Affiliate with the added extras:

 Private Checkins every two weeks

 Access to our decdicated Larry Doyle Coaching App to manage your journey.

Exclusive to Affiliate PLUS + members!

You can select the Affiliate PLUS at checkout.

How it works.

Billing runs per calendar month. When you sign up today you will pay a €79 which includes your first months subscription of €30 for July 2024. But don’t worry we’ll get you set up straight away – the remaining days in June are a BONUS FREE! 

Immediately upon sign up you will receive a welcome e-mail  – with some questions and steps on what to do next so I can tailor your training and macros to your needs. You will also gain access to my video exercise library and to our Facebook group. Welcome to the Affiliate!

Next billing (€30) will occur on 28 July 2024 which is payment for August  membership.

Cancel anytime with 3 working days notice by sending in a Cancellation Request. Please allow us up to 3 working days to process and confirm cancelation requests back to you by email. 

Each month you will learn something new, add to your ability to manage your health and reach your fitness goal.

What our Clients say

Down 50lbs and we’re not done yet…

How to lose 50lbs diet fat loss Ireland
I joined the affiliate around 2 years ago, however I only count it from October 2021 as that’s when I really decided to put the work in, and my number one takeaway from my experience thus far is that it works wonders if you work with it! Larry’s relationship with me and his other clients

July 4, 2023

I am now 6 months training with Larry and 14kg down, and 6kg lower than my pre-pregnancy weight.

sustainable fat loss
I started the affiliate program when I was 12 weeks postpartum after my second child. The Affiliate gave me the structure I needed to get back into training, tracking my calories / macros and great weekly accountability from the check-ins which was ideal because they were quick and straight to the point. It’s great because

November 23, 2022

The knowledge I have gained and the positive habits I have formed through Larry’s guidance over the past 5 months have honestly been life changing

“I decided to sign up with Larry after years and years of going to the gym but never feeling happy with my progress or lack of progress. I watched every fitness YouTube video under the sun and started way too many fitness plans and didn’t finish one of them! I was at a period in

October 23, 2022

It feels really good to look in the mirror and like what I see, it’s even better to feel as good as I do on the inside, that’s where the real transformation has happened.

female fat loss , fit over 40 , Larry Doyle Coaching , personal trainer , transformation ,
“I’d been following Larry for a while, enjoyed the content, liked how he shared his knowledge, gave honest answers…he seemed like a coach I’d enjoy working with but I hesitated for so long and really wish I would’ve reached out and started with him sooner! March 2022 was when I got to the point where

September 23, 2022

The Affiliate has put me in a much better place both physically and mentally for the season ahead.

I started this journey with the end goal of getting lighter and stronger for Ironman Cork 2022. In total since starting I’m down nearly 20kg overall, I feel stronger from the full body workouts which I was able to incorporate along side my other training. The information you have out there is phenomenal and the

February 20, 2022

The Affiliate gave me the tools, reassurance and support I needed to start my journey and to keep on track.

“I started with Affiliate at a time of low body confidence and self esteem and just feeling like I knew very little about how to tackle the journey alone. I’d tried “doing it myself”, even just to get fit enough to go to a gym and not be so self conscious but wasn’t making the

January 19, 2022

I think as a mum it’s important to set very realistic and achievable goals; not to compare yourself to others, to feel healthy, strong and have the energy to chase after a toddler!

I’m a first time mum to a one year old. Before becoming a mum would have trained few times a week at gym classes, done some running it was all part of my routine. After baby I took it easy and soaked it all in for the first few months. Once I got the okay

January 1, 2022

18kg down – Joining the affiliate programme was one of the best decisions of my life.

“I joined Larrys affiliate program at the start of 2021 because I wanted some consistency in my life. I play a lot of sports and have been gyming since I was 15 (10 years) so there was always stages every year where I would do pretty well and be in good shape but by the

December 10, 2021

I started this personal journey on 4th January and I was 106kg and now I’m 90kg

In January of this year I decided with all going on with the lockdown and not being able to work that it was the perfect time to focus on myself. Most of time I’m focused on helping others so I knew it was an opportunity to just solely focus on my own training and nutrition

Andrew, Dublin
September 20, 2021

The Affiliate has really helped me to achieve my overall goal with developing a healthier perspective towards food.

I haven’t been new to training, but I am definitely new to the perspective and mindset Larry has helped me to achieve. – The  Affiliate has really helped me to achieve my overall goal with developing a healthier perspective towards food. Rather than under fuelling my body, through education and learning Larry and Kate have

Rachel, Wicklow
September 10, 2021

Frequently asked questions

Yes !! We give training based on experience level, from those who train at home 2-3 days per week, to those who training in a gym 4-5 days per week. You’ll get an programme that suits you.  

We provide 3 training options on the Affiliate to suit your situation – you can select which one matches your situation on our intake form after you sign up. 

If you have a gym membership to a regular commercial gym with both machines and free weights – you can select Commercial Gym. 

If your gym is a GAA Club Gym, a box gym or you have a garage gym at home without machines and the main equipment is rack, bench and weights – you can select Garage Gym. 

You don’t gave access to any gym or formal equipment and want to training at home – you can select our At Home option. 

Yes, I have training suitable for all levels. When you sign up, I will ask you to send me an email with your current training experience and goals – I will give you a training level suitable for your experience and you will be challenged each month.
Yes, you can do the Affiliate from anywhere! Join our growing community around the world.

No, you can cancel with 3 days notice by email. The Affiliate is a long term sustainable approach, most of our Affiliate have been members for over a 12 months. If you need to cancel, you can rejoin again by signing back up on the website.

Yes the Affiliate caters for all “diets”. I don’t give you a set food plan, I will give you macros for protein, fats and carbs and teach you how to understand food. You can then pick from foods you enjoy and eat. We have a large number of vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians on the Affiliate.
Yes, if you achieve your goal and want to set a new goal we will support you and give you guidance on realistic targets and timeframes.

The first month is more expensive because we personally review your goals and give you feedback on where your current at and guidance on to get there. We will give you tools and access to content that will support you on your way. 

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Affiliate sounds great, right! We know, that’s why we’ve coached thousands of people through it, who reap the benefits day in day out!

If you’re looking for a little more accountability & support… Introducing, Affiliate PLUS +! Check out the differences below. You can choose to upgrade to Affiliate PLUS + at checkout!