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Aidan got in his best shape to celebrate being cancer free…

Having suffered testicular cancer twice in my 20’s my goal was to be in the best shape of my life for my 30th birthday. The goal was big, something I never achieved before. I contacted Larry about a year out from my photoshoot date. I needed a solid coach on my side to keep me

July, 2023

Down 50lbs and we’re not done yet…

I joined the affiliate around 2 years ago, however I only count it from October 2021 as that’s when I really decided to put the work in, and my number one takeaway from my experience thus far is that it works wonders if you work with it! Larry’s relationship with me and his other clients

How to lose 50lbs diet fat loss Ireland
July, 2023

Not only am I in the best shape I’ve ever been in but my mindset was completely changed, towards the way I view food, calories and training.

“I started training under Larry 12 weeks ago under the recommendation of a friend and previous client of Larry. I had used coaches before and was aware of how things usually went. But this time it was different, Larry and I immediately clicked and I knew from the initial intake call that somehow this would

Matt lost 18lbs eating 3000 calories a day
June, 2023

The knowledge I have gained and the positive habits I have formed through Larry’s guidance over the past 5 months have honestly been life changing

“I decided to sign up with Larry after years and years of going to the gym but never feeling happy with my progress or lack of progress. I watched every fitness YouTube video under the sun and started way too many fitness plans and didn’t finish one of them! I was at a period in

October, 2022

Id recommend larry to anyone in any stage of their journey with health and fitness . It’s been awesome .

“I started with larry around the end of May 21 , been the best decision I’ve ever made for my health and understanding of things with food , when to hold off and when to up the gears. I started it all to just be a healthier version of myself and feel better in myself.

March, 2022

The Affiliate has put me in a much better place both physically and mentally for the season ahead.

I started this journey with the end goal of getting lighter and stronger for Ironman Cork 2022. In total since starting I’m down nearly 20kg overall, I feel stronger from the full body workouts which I was able to incorporate along side my other training. The information you have out there is phenomenal and the

February, 2022

The Affiliate gave me the tools, reassurance and support I needed to start my journey and to keep on track.

“I started with Affiliate at a time of low body confidence and self esteem and just feeling like I knew very little about how to tackle the journey alone. I’d tried “doing it myself”, even just to get fit enough to go to a gym and not be so self conscious but wasn’t making the

January, 2022

Six months after working with Larry & I’m at 9.5% body fat, energy levels through the roof, mental clarity is sharp as a knife and feeling super.

Back in 2017, after being diagnosed with testicular cancer and needing chemotherapy, I promised myself that I would bounce back and somehow achieve the best physical shape of my life after the treatment. I set that goal for 5 years post diagnosis as that’s generally considered officially in remission. I wanted a tangible goal and

January, 2022

18kg down – Joining the affiliate programme was one of the best decisions of my life.

“I joined Larrys affiliate program at the start of 2021 because I wanted some consistency in my life. I play a lot of sports and have been gyming since I was 15 (10 years) so there was always stages every year where I would do pretty well and be in good shape but by the

December, 2021

I started this personal journey on 4th January and I was 106kg and now I’m 90kg

In January of this year I decided with all going on with the lockdown and not being able to work that it was the perfect time to focus on myself. Most of time I’m focused on helping others so I knew it was an opportunity to just solely focus on my own training and nutrition

Andrew, Dublin
September, 2021

As well as increasing strength and muscle through Larry’s workout programs I also shaved 2 minutes off my 5km PB.

In April I contacted Larry for a maintenance program as with everything reopening over the summer months I knew I would struggle to keep weight off but at the same time I didn’t want to limit myself by taking on a fat loss program that I knew I would struggle to stick to. Through Larry’s

August, 2021

I’m the leanest I’ve ever been, losing 6.5kg in three months, not starving myself, and progressing through the workouts

I reached out to Larry and Kate amidst Covid lockdown, where I add access to some very basic gym equipment – DBs, a BB and a bench mostly. – I wanted a program that will have me focused with my workouts, going into the small gym, move weights and get out. – The programs were

Matan, Isreal
July, 2021

I finished my 5 months having gone from 199lbs in jan to 173.2lbs and 12.1% body fat

I started with Larry in the start of the first lockdown last year after having a bad online coaching experience at the start of the year but wanting to find some accountability and structure in a mental time and it was one of the best decisions I made. – Larry & I set the goal

Paul, Dublin
June, 2021

I started at 110kg, now I’m 22 kgs down over 6 months

I started my journey with Larry and Kate on the “Affiliate” programme in August 2020. I was 20 years of age and 110kg. Prior to this programme it took me 12 months to lose 4kg and this was due to unsustainable “diets” which was just pure rabbit food and starvation which just ended in comfort

Niall, Wexford
May, 2021

I’m 6kgs down so far and still going….

The Affiliate has been really good so far. I started in February at 104 kg, now down to 98 kg, so moving in the right direction. I can really notice the change in my body shape in comparison to my start out

May, 2021

This is far more sustainable and building a better more sustainable lifestyle rather than focussing on short term gains. Very happy!! 

It’s approximately 10 weeks since I started the affiliate – 84kg and currently tracking at 75.4kg. Looking better, feeling better, sleeping better and have been able to maintain a consistency in a different way to what I have done before. MFP, macro cheat sheet have been game changers for me & being more balanced on

May, 2021

I find I have energy every day to deal with a young baby at home and get the 3-5 workouts in weekly so I’m delighted with my progress!

So I started around the end of January and have lost 3kg since. I started out on fat loss macro’s and still stick to them, however nowadays I find myself happy with the progress I’m making (muscle ‘definition’ is getting better each week) so I’ve tended not to even track my macros anymore. I solely

April, 2021

The Affiliate has given structure to my food and training, alongside further education to get the tools I need to make decisions on my own.

Super impressed by the infrastructure Larry and Kate have for all the education and

March, 2021

Larrys knowledge and guidance is second to none, and its clear if you want to be the best you can be, you should be working with the best there is out there.

I have always been a pretty lean build and quite an active individual (gym, running, GAA, cycling, crossfit) Thus always having a high energy output meant weight maintenance was never an issue for me. On the other hand getting calories in and being consistent was my weakness. I contacted Larry in May of this strange

January, 2021

In a few short months I’m 6kgs down and looking much better in the mirror

Before I started the affiliate I was frustrated and not confident in the way I looked , I was pushing and pulling weight getting stronger but it didn’t look like that in the mirror I had no shape or definition, then I started the Affiliate I was given a really detailed workout plan complete with

November, 2020

With Larrys guidance I went from over 200lbs to now sitting at 165lbs, having completed my first marathon and photo shoot while following a vegan diet.

I met Larry first at 16, first person to show me around a Gym. After two years of training I went to college where fitness and health wasn’t a priority and for various reasons gained a lot of weight. 250lbs at my heaviest. I tried training on my own for 2 years to get back

July, 2020

“The takeaway so far wasn’t actually the 11kg I’ve lost but the knowledge I’ve gained around my food and lifestyle”

Joining the Affiliate programme, I was looking for a bit of guidance and structure to my training and nutrition and I think I got that and more. I’ve been delighted with the process so far, I took it slow to begin with and Larry & Kate just make the process easy – giving you the tools

May, 2020

“You learn that the gym isn’t everything that you have to adapt your mindset to a healthy approach to the everyday and that’s more critical than how much you can bench.”

Larry and Kate are fantastic and I would highly recommend them to anyone. I’ve been with Larry now for just over a year and I’ve learnt a lot about myself, nutrition and training (I’ve lost weight and gained muscle but that’s the least important bits) that I am able to apply to every day life.

May, 2020

Since starting the Affiliate I have become far more efficient in the gym

I find I am far less stressed in the gym because the workouts are clearly laid out and I don’t have think about what to to next. Paying close attention to rest periods and tempo makes a huge difference when it comes to the weight being lifted and also feeling more satisfied after completing an

January, 2020

What made the difference was how invested Larry was in me as his client.

From day 1 working with Larry and Kate it’s been a consistent flow of great programs, a professional set up and precise nutritional guidance. It’s not a one size fits all approach, Larry got to know my day to day life and made the process unique to me. It’s finding out what worked best for

January, 2020

Is this going to be YOU?

What will YOU be writing as your success story in 6 months

December, 2019

Working with Larry and Kate and joining the affiliate has been the best decision of my life!

For me this isn’t just a physique transformation, it’s a mental one also. I’ve always been very self conscious of how I looked and what people thought of me since been over 20 stone at 18 and up until recently even been fit. Working with Larry and Kate and joining the affiliate has been the

December, 2019

Over 4 months I lost 30lbs, my energy levels went up, my quality of life and outlook vastly improved. I feel a lot more like my old self!

I have known Larry for several years (2013).  I have seen him in action many many times on the gym floor but this was my first experience of working with him (via the Affiliate). I reached out to him at the end of July 2019 – just back from a family holiday. I have 2

December, 2019

I’m down from 84kg to 81kg and with better shape and feel a lot stronger.

The Affiliate gives you great insight into food ideas for cooking and gaining knowledge of healthier food choices. Understanding the micros/macros etc. Being able to have any question answered while being able to get views and opinions from all people involved which gives a access to large amount of knowledge. Genius! The monthly change to

December, 2019

The Affiliate a perfect mix of detailed programming with the flexibility needed for adherence.

In the gym I have shifted my focus to, in equal parts, weight, tempo, and technique. Where previously all I concentrated on was lifting as heavy as possible.While on the Affiliate  I have developed a better relationship with food which not only results in better body composition but also a more mature and less guilty

December, 2019

To say I’m happy with my results is an understatement… a huge 20kg off in 8 months!!

So nearing the end of my cut phase while on the Affiliate and to say I’m happy with my results is an understatement. With just little over a kg to go before I start a lean gain phase and a huge 20kg off I would just like to say a huge thank you to Kate

November, 2019

To date I’m down 13kg and my outlook on training and diet has completely changed, for the better!

I started on the Affiliate in February with a goal to lose body fat and improve my diet in general, to date I’m down 13kg. Reached a point where I’m pretty ready for lean bulk,couldn’t be happier with the progress pics from the start to now. It’s so good to see the hard work that’s

November, 2019

I’ve just finished my first 12 weeks with Larry, dropping 11kgs and to say I’m happy with the progress would be a massive understatement!

When I started with Larry in May 19 I was not in a good place with with my relationship with food and / or training. Training felt like a choir which I wasn’t enjoying at all. My food was repetitive & boring which led to many binges and creating a yo-yo relationship with my progress

Steven Tierney
September, 2019

“I have been most impressed by Larrys genuine care for the health of his clients and his no BS approach.”

In September 2018, I went to Lar with the goal of adding some lean mass along with improving things like digestion, training quality and my relationship with food. After spending 7/8 months in a surplus, we pushed calories to 800/1000 higher than I ever had before (something extremely difficult if you’ve ever been obese &

July, 2019

“Best decision I’ve made in years, I’ve lost a huge 9kg in 10 weeks”

After competing in powerlifting for the past 5 years or so I told my self I had to put on weight to get strong which resulted in some strength gains and a whole lot of fat gains…after a chat with Larry about my health I decided to jump on the Affiliate “team”. I say team

May, 2019

I’ve always believe the fastest way to success is to learn from the best. Working with Larry I got to work with one of the best.

It’s been 12 years since I first entered the fitness industry as a personal trainer but it had been a few since I’d had a consistent gym routine of my own. I’d grown tired of weights and a crazy travel schedule had left me slack on my food, unprepared and eating on the go. My

April, 2019

Working with Larry has been a life changing 6 months, looking forward to continuing this journey with him.

I can’t speak of or recommend Larry highly enough. He provides the tools to achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle; suitable exercises and training plans, better understanding of nutrition and its benefits and the ability to learn how to handle life stresses and strains. Often going above and beyond helping me with any

September, 2018

4 months With Larry totally changed how I perceive the world of training and nutrition, more than any degree or PT course has done in the past.

I was receiving coaching from Larry for a little over 4 months and I can’t speak highly enough of him and the service he provides. I was fairly happy with my start physique as I’ve always tried to stay in good shape due to Rugby, and coming from a strength and conditioning background I thought

June, 2018

Larry has an unmatched ability to draw motivation and to instil belief.

I was lucky enough to have Larry prep me for two shows as well as develop into a close friend and mentor. To say that the service and dedication that he provides to his clients goes above and beyond would be an understatement. He can not only help you follow the path to your goals

April, 2018

Larry’s knowledge and experience are why I chose him as a coach. He has walked the walk as well as talked the talk over the last number of years.

As an owner of 2 PT studios I have always worked long hours but always managed to fit my training in somehow. However, after the birth of my daughter I found it extremely difficult to get motivated with lack of sleep, trying to juggle everything. When I finally decided to pull myself out of a

June, 2017

I would highly recommend working with this man to get you in the best shape of your life as he is like a book of knowledge.

I went to Larry with one simple plan to get me in the best condition possible in 16 weeks. I have known Larry’s work for some time now and knew he was the man to help me achieve my goals through his training and nutrition plans and he did not disappoint. I knew it would

May, 2017
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