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About Larry Doyle.

With over 25,000 hours of hands on, personal training and online coaching experience, spanning 13 years, I have encountered almost every challenge that the real world individual faces. I have successfully coached hundreds of men and women, just like you, from all walks of life to their goals. In a world of conflicting opinions, low morals and misinformation, my passion is to create real world, bull-sh#t free solutions to these challenges.
My ethos is simple – less complication.

Communicate in simple every day terms, understand your needs and provide a clear path to your goal in a healthy manner.

I follow the Kaizen Principal of “constant and never-ending improvement” to ensure I stay on top of my game. You’ll see below some industry leading experts I have had the privilege of learning from.

Some of the experts I have learned from

John Meadows

Mountain dog training

Scott Riley

Causeway Living/Wim Hoff Method

Eugene Teo

The Ganburu Method

Mark Coles


Julian Baker

Funcional Fachsia

Milos Sarcev

Bodybuilding Expert

Isaac Davidson

Muscle Nerds

Martin McDonald

Mac Nutrion

Andre Benoit

Canadian Strength & Conditioning Coach

Ben Pakulski

M141/Kassem Hanson - N1 Education

Luke Leaman

Muscle Nerds

Michael Goulden

Integra Education

Dr Eric Serrano

Canadian Strength & Conditioning Coach

Brian O'Loughlin

Movement 101

My approach to coaching.

Client focused coaching is the model I operate.​

Client health is the foundation on which I build my coaching. This involves taking an all-round view of lifestyle, sleep, stress, digestion, energy levels, mental focus and strength (to name a few) in order to get the client in the best position to work towards their goal.

My principal with nutrition is: give a man (or woman) a fish, feed him for a day, teach him to fish, feed him for life. The aim is always to educate the client to become self sufficient, so that the client understands the process and has the knowledge and tools to maintain without me.

What clients can expect.


Honest and open communication, on both sides, to encourage engagement in the coaching process.


At the outset, we will discuss what you want to achieve. We will work together to set goals which are realistic and attainable based on your current position, the timeline and my experience as a coach.


Buy in, real effort and engagement in the process of coaching from the outset and throughout.

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