Kates Transformation – how to use diet and gain phases successfully

A real insight into how to change your body composition – and get into photoshoot shape!


Feel confused about how to approach your fitness goals? Want some guidance on how to achieve long term sustainable results?

Not sure if you need a “cut” plan or a “build” plan – (theres so many out there!) well the chances are you probably need a bit of both.

We learn by imitation – its easier to visualise your own journey to success when you can see how someone else has done it.

Watch my video to see how I changed by body composition to get into photoshoot shape.

The key point is that there’s nothing magic or “extra” that goes into it. You just have to do all the basic stuff really really well consistently:

*Sleep, Digestion, Macro, Micros, Water, Recovery, Training, Output, Stress Management.*

My own journey influenced the creation of the Affiliate –  start your journey to success with us today.

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