How to manage a City Break while dieting

Got a breaking coming up soon? Here’s my top tips to staying on track and not going absolutely YOLO 

Training ?3-4 days of no training whatsoever is ok, in fact, I’d encourage it. Taking a break now and again is the ideal way to give you renewed focus. A 4 day break is 2 rest from this week and 2 rest days from next week.

Rest days have awesome benefits, catch up on some social life, chill, down time with family, enjoy the sites, get in some good night’s sleep.

Activity?being a tourists for a city break is a super way to rack up steps, site seeing you can easily clock up 20-30k steps + a day, over the 4 days that’s so serious output, so somewhat offsetting “the eating above average food intake” while away.

Facilities ? If you can, I always suggest booking accommodation that includes cooking facilities or at least a fridge, that way you have the option to make some food yourself. Getting in one meal at home, even if its just fresh salad and some pre cooked meat will set you up nicely for eating for the rest of the day.

Food ? this doesn’t need to be complicated – take a very simple, relaxed approach. When doing food on the go, try to a get serving of protein in with each meal. Practice guesstimating macros from menus, using eye / hand measurement method. Add a few individual greek yogurts to the fridge in your accommodation or bringing a little bit of whey protein with you – these can help keep your intake up.

Some trip tips

  • Water, make sure to get in a litre before you leave to head out touristing for the day.
  • Fasting, push your first meal of the out a few hours and this will give you more calories to use for later in the day.
  • Use the week beforeand the week after your trip to give yourself some leeway, reduce cals by 100 per day all the week before and 100 per day the week after – BOOM an extra 1400 cals to enjoy on you trip!

Overall, don’t limit myself, enjoy meals out, nice wine, Ice cream, try out the local cuisine etc but make decisions like an adult and take responsibility for your choices.

Maybe don’t go elbow deep in the first churro street food vendor you meet…

If you put any of these tips to use… Tag me in your site seeing pictures – let me know how you get on!

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