Is the Scales weighing you down?

Is the scales weighing you down?

For the majority of individuals there is two responses when they step on the scales.


Depending on your goals, weight goes up = good/bad , weight goes down good /bad.

Which can often times  directly affect your emotional response and outlook on the day ahead.

But what variables affect these numbers between your toes.

Digestion, hydration, time of day, time of month, previous days output/input, did you eat later the night before, did you drink water, did you have a bowl movement before or not.

As you see these are only a few of the variables that affect the positive or negative response in our mind, but often all you see is FATTER or LEANER.

Dig a little deeper and try gain an understanding into the trends of your daily weight. These variables MASSIVELY affect the outcome of the digits on the scales.

This morning for example I weighed my self 3 times for curiosity and to give an example.

My regular wake time is 6am, after a bathroom visit I weighed 97.4

Back to bed for 1 hr, weighed again 96.8.

Went for a walk 10k steps came home had a bowel movement…..96.2.

If I’m emotionally attached to the numbers on the scale my morning has been a roller coaster, had I just taken one of those, its going to have an major outcome of my nutrition for the week ahead, hell I lost 1.2 kg in 2 hours!!

But I fully understand the variables that causes these changes. And there is no emotional attachment because I track and monitor and now understand the outcomes of various events from the day and ultimately have more control on two things, (i) my weight and
(ii) my emotions to my weight.

In short, Track, Monitor, Understand and Control emotions and responses to those little numbers and the variables of them between your toes.

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