Giving back this Green Friday

Green Friday 

From observation of Black Friday and the fitness /coaching space.

It feels and looks like a fast paced race to the bottom.

Who can go cheaper, lower, give away more, open more spaces …

All to make a quick buck

You may or may not have noticed, I haven’t thrown my hat into to race.

We won’t be offering HUGE discounts or slashed services•

I get it , in business , you “need” to capitalise on the free flowing spending frenzy …

Finish the year strong or try to make up for a poor last quarter if it didn’t go your way…

But with personal training and coaching be it in person or online, you’re dealing with people, it’s not a tv or coffee machine you’re selling

Sure by all means , go buy a cheaper gym membership.

But when you vastly discount a service, you dilute the value and quality. Neither side of the transaction value it as much. Coach nor client.

There’s another overlooked aspect too,

If you try to fill your books with cheaper slots/clients, its disrespectful to those who have paid full price long term for your services.

While on the books, quick cash is fantastic, not at the cost of your bread and butter for the other 11 months of the year.

We have decided not to discount our services this Black Friday, instead we will participate by giving back to charity. 

We will give €15 from all signs ups between now and the 14th December to a charity of your choice. The two most voted charities will get the proceeds.

This incentive has now ended – thank you to everyone who contributed. 

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