Poop Tips!

❗The picture is the only sexy thing about this post❗. Cause I’m gonna talk about P??P. Not really one of those “like, share and tag a mate” kinda posts ?.

Seriously for a girl? not going to the ? regularly, makes your feel crap, effects your mood, energy, sex drive, general well-being AND we’re also less likely to talk about it, so it just brothers us in silence???.

If your currently a “1,2 skip a few days? maybe not for another week” kinda ? scenario, then fat loss is compromised❌ – your body’s key waste removal process is not functioning.

So if your goal? is bikini bod ?this summer…. Or even just general health, sort your ? out first.

We should have a bowel movement everyday, (at least once) usually within in an hour of waking. The body likes pattern and routine, so moving around in the morning getting ready for work, drinking some water, coffee… You’ll usually need to make a bathroom pit stop before heading out the door.

➡️Tips I’ve used to get into a regular pattern:

?Vegetables: cooked, raw, in soup, chopped up eats tons of them and stop tracking them in MFP.

?Water, I try to drink 2-3 liters before lunch and then sip away on another liter for the afternoon to stay hydrated.

?CHEWING… & eating SLOWER?. I’ve stopped having snacks because I eat them too fast and when I’m doing something else so I’m distracted. I eat 3 main larger meals and take full 20-30 mins of actual eating, chewing, fork down in between bites (it’s a lot harder than you think), time your meal ⌚.

⚡Newsflash ⚡People think carbs make them bloated, eating FAST & NOT chewing makes you bloated. Not carbs❌.

?Relaxing, yeah I know more hippy sh#t your too busy for, but if your highly stressed you’ll get that butterflies / knot in your tummy… So a walk daily, reading, headspace, music, having a bath, jigsaw making, whatever you can manage that will relax the body (and gut).

?Buy a poop stool – don’t ask just check the highlights on my page!

So try some of those tips out & make ? PBs, let me know you get on… or don’t cause that might be weird?.

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