The weekend calorie Bermuda Triangle trap!

For the most part, Monday through to around 7pm Friday we are generally good, then we enter what can only be described as a calorie Bermuda Triangle

Heres the deal with the majority of dieters……

They want it all, all of the time. Theres no moderation. Its either 10 drinks or the whole cake. Theres no 50/50 its all in or nothing. I’m sorry Maire Antoinette, it’s not happening if fat-loss is the goal.

Fitting in social events is relatively easy but altering the mindset is the tricky piece. Removing the all of nothing attitude is key.

Generally theres two types of weekends we can address here.

1. You know theres a planned event coming up.
2.  Last minute unplanned events.

With both, its cool, we can make adjustments and factor them in easily.

Lets go with #1
You’ve got a night out , dinner and some drinks have been planned.

Find out what and where.
 Knowing where you are going is key, you can look up menus online in advance , and make your decisions before hand, giving a potential calorie spend for the foods you’ve chosen. 
Lets say what you picked added up to an approximate 1000 cals, drinks included.

Some adjustment options for this
– for 5 days leading into , you can cut 200 cals a day, leaving 1000 free to have on top of your Saturday calories
-or you can push 1000 cals from that same day to the evening time where you consume them.

For #2 , Just run the exact opposite, instead of the pre adjustments, implement a post adjustment leading into the week ahead, 
pull 200 cals a day from 5 days or pulling 1000 cals from an individual day

Now heres where we run into potential problems,
-It depends on your relationship with hunger control,
-Your cal intake is too low to take a large chunk from taking 200 cals from 1500 is a large quantity over 5 days

Changing food choices on these days is key , utilising low calorie high volume foods, where it gives greater satiety.

For example : 
remove protein shakes these days for real whole food , 
replace cereal (high cal density low volume) with rice/potatoes (lower cal density higher volume)

Being realistic and choosing a set amount of calories is essential , remember the goal is still to remain in a deficit if you are wanting to drop fat. 
So maybe having a dominoes family meal deal on your own and huge brunch the following day might not be the smartest choice.

Heres the bottom line with weekends, you need to own your decisions , after all they are YOUR decisions , you are in full control, taking ownership is essential , don’t eat like a 6 year old at a party and then throw a tantrum when the scales goes up the following day’s.

Whens the first social event of January for you? How you are going to handle it? Let it derail you or make adjustments and fit it in?


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