What fruit is best for health? The Low Hanging One

The Low Hanging Fruit ?
Pick ’em, Eat ’em, get the rewards….rinse repeat.

“What is literally the easiest thing I can do that adds the greatest value and greatest return on investment”.

Thats the question you should ask your self daily.

As a coach, I’ll often disregard (to a degree) the finer side of all things training and nutrition, for the majority of us they just aren’t remotely necessary, there are easier wins that yield greater return on time/effort.

Outside of the ease and the return on investment, tagging in some wins early, builds something invaluable …..


If you want to gain motivation, gain momentum. There is nothing more addictive
and nothing that will keep you on track like it.

“Its far easier to steer a moving ship than ones thats sitting in the docks”

That builds a snowball effect☃️.

Which in turn , builds routine.

Which in turn , builds habit.
Which in turn, builds success.

All because you took the easy option.

Have a look at where you have some gaps.

Lets take sleep for an example, if its down or broken , so is mood and energy, stress is up, cravings higher, then adherence is going out the window.

The low hanging fruit, hit the sack 30 minutes earlier per night, adding 3.5 hours extra per week, thats an extra half night.

Simple fix, profound return. Momentum created…

Now I sound like every other fitness guy… “You need to Eat more Fruit” ?


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