Remove stress and increase your success with food knowledge, skills and independence.

New to Macros? Please read our article What are macros?

What is Macro Management and can it help me?

Macro Management is an online guided food journey of videos, recipes and insights from Kate and Larry to teach you our lifestyle food philosophy:

“Give a man (or woman) a fish, feed him for a day, teach him to fish, feed him for life.”

You will get an individual macro and calorie plan for your goal and learn how to eat for your health, by making informed food choices, using a “macro” diet.

Once you sign up, you will get a login to our online Macro Management content, each week we will cover something new, and teach you more about food and food choices.
We will also do regular support, Q&A and new recipes via our private client Facebook Group and Instagram food page. 

You can learn and improve at a pace that suits you.

What topics are covered

  • How to read food labels
  • How to track food and what is the best approach for you
  • How to build a balanced plate
  • How to use My Fitness Pal
  • Meal timing
  • Planning Fat Loss, Maintenance and Gaining phases, the right approach for your goal
  • Managing the weekend, eating out, estimating food by eye
  • Plus tons more, including loads of recipes and recipe booklets! 

Improving the quality of food intake has huge beneficial impacts on our energy levels, mood, physical and mental performance along with general health like hair, skin, nails and digestion. 

What will you achieve from this:

  • Knowledge and understanding of food – learn to recognise proteins, fats and carbs. 
  • Improved food choice selection – learn to make more suitable food choices for your needs, energy, recovery and for your fitness goal
  • How to meal prep and cook – learn easy ways to put quick tasty meals together and how to build a balanced plate. 
  • A healthy food relationship – learn how to eat with confidence, calmness and enjoyment without feeling restricted or anxious. 
  • The ability to track and count using macros – learn how to track using My fitness Pal or a Weekly Tracker and longer term how to eat intuitive without tracking or weighing. 
  • Balance with socialising while sustaining your fitness goal long term, break the “stop / start” cycle for good

Learn tips and tricks and gain inspiration to eat and enjoy more variety in your daily intake. These are skills which will stand to you for life! 

Learn how our food philosophy has already helped hundreds of others:

“I came away with a great understanding of macro-tracking and general nutrition – much more valuable than cookie-cutter diet plans!”

 ‘I came to Larry wanting to get in shape for my upcoming wedding and to look as good as I possibly could in my wedding dress. I am incredibly happy with the results! Larry and Kate put such a huge emphasis on health and general well-being – I learned so much about the importance of stress management, sleep, digestion and their effects on the body. Larry went above and beyond to assist me and help to educate me whenever I had any queries or questions along the way. I came away with a great understanding of macro-tracking and general nutrition – much more valuable than cookie-cutter diet plans! This form of learning has given me the confidence to be able to track food accurately and it is a great skill to have. If you are contemplating coaching, whether one-to-one or Affiliate, I would highly recommend Larry and Kate!
Zoe Farrell
May 18, 2020

The main result I have achieved? Treating my mind and body better. I have achieved peace by fighting binge eating off

The biggest thing for me has been learning to eat without shame or guilt and been able to deal with food without feeling bad emotions towards it. Also the exercises I’m extremely grateful for your creativity during this rough time in lockdown we are all facing. I am constantly learning from Macro Management and its application in life, the approach yourself and Kate have towards life, which has given me a new way of seeing things. I actually focus more on least mode now than anything. I’ve been maintaining or losing weight and the slow application of exercises to my daily routine has made me more determined to continue, while working around injury. I realized its all a state of mind. And you guys influenced on that so much, I couldn’t be more thankful.  The Affiliate should be the basics for everyone to learn how to be healthy but be healthy in peace.

June 3, 2020

“The Affiliate is one of the best programs I have ever gotten involved with.”

These guys are amazing! They give so much content for you. Coming from over training and binge eating to be able to train 3 to 4 days a week and eat a tone of good nutritious foods and all the nice things also in moderation and still progress and get results. There there for you always. It’s worth every penny!

April 18, 2020

I have a more healthy relationship with how and what I eat, it’s no longer a diet but just what I enjoy.

In the last 5 months for me the biggest change isn’t the scales, but the way I approach food and training has dramatically changed. I now see it as something that fits into my day to day routine, it’s not forced, I have no guilt if I want to eat a choc bar or I don’t panic if I fall off the wagon. Funnily enough those days are getting less and less. There’s only about 3.5 kg in the difference in those pics, but it shows a steady chipping away while balancing a busy work and having a social life. Thank you so much for everything, so far…. cause I’m not done!

Mary Phelan
January 10, 2020

“Amazing experience with a much healthier outlook on not seeing any food as good or bad and no more binging because I’m full!!”

For the first couple of months I wanted to get a healthier relationship with food and training, having come from a very difficult place with self perception and a poor relationship with food. Now after 3 months on the Affiliate my mindset is in a great place.

Anne Marie
December 31, 2018

I learn at least one new thing every week and I have become a lot less stressed about food

I experience very little guilt around food now and has come from the knowledge and guidance of Larry & Kate . I know how to fuel my body & I now understand I have control over my choices and to not let food control me.  I train max 4 times in a week, but right now its 3! I used to be so stressed about not training everyday but I see the rewards in active rest and recovery and I’m able to kill sessions as my body is recovered. I have been with the affiliate now since Sept 2018, taking a short break over summer 2019 due to travels, but I continued to follow the workouts when I could. Its been the best investment I’ve ever made and continues to be. I have achieved my own goals (various ones) throughout my time in the affiliate programme. I played my most powerful football (county level) and I learned so much about how to rest my body correctly and also the lifestyle factors that can hinder progress. I absolutely love receiving the email at the start of each month! Ye (Larry and Kate) will never know the true gratitude I have for ye, ye have changed so much of my outlook, & I am so glad ye are the coaches ye are. Thank you!

June 8, 2020

“I have a much better relationship with foods, especially carbs.”

The Facebook forum gives great tips and diet hakes, I find it very helpful. My strength has gone up due to finally tracking all sessions.”



January 1, 2019

The Affliate is just what I had been looking for, I have got a huge amount from it and I’m really really loving it so far!

I love the workouts. I love that it’s done for you and it’s there at the start of the month ready to go. I love that assurance that a professional has designed it so I’m getting whatever muscles etc I need to be getting at the right reps and sets. It’s that confidence that I’m getting a proper workout done at home (which is great for me) but overseen by someone who knows what they’re doing. I would consider my self pretty knowledgeable when it comes to eating right but that has come with a lot of black and white thinking. So carbs bad etc (I’m sure you’re familiar!) And I’ve relaxed a lot in terms of what I’m eating. I’m focusing a lot more on just the macros, protein and the calories. To be honest I didn’t think I’d get much out of the eating side of things and I have got a huge amount from it. So as you can probably tell from my ramblings I’m really really loving it so far.

The mindset change has been such a game changer. I am the WORST for thinking I missed a workout ok may as well just just start next week. Or I had a slice of bread start again tomorrow and then downward spiral when you do the same thing the next day. This mindset change has been friggin awesome actually and I can’t thank you enough. I mean it’s obvious but you do seem to get it across so well in those wonderful facebook motivational speeches!!!

May 3, 2021

“I can’t thank them enough for their help over the past year not just changing me physically however helping to change my own mentality”

When I first joined I had some bad food habits that I needed to overcome . I lacked motivation to go training as I was stuck in such a rut with the same old routine. Kate and Larry helped me overcome my issues in several ways, the main one was a new program every month which kept me motivated, I wasn’t killing myself with tones of cardio and I began to feel “healthy” in my body and head. I would never call the provided program to a “diet” , its more intuitive eating in order to make healthy choices, your given your macros in food and get more bang for your book by eating all the veg ( which should never be tracked !!!) and top that with whatever you fancy from your macros . You want dark chocolate thats fine its got some good fats .. but you track. The simplistic no bull approach is why they are becoming so well known in the fitness business. I can’t thank them enough.

May 17, 2020

I joined up with Larry and kate as I wanted more of a life style change, and you have taught me loads about food,sleep stress and your environment

I did crossfit training before going the Affiliate, I moved to new gym to try something different commercial gym & needed a training program needed and structure then lockdown happen ? but the homeworkouts are actually brilliant I am learning loads about reps,tempo etc and thinking of the muscle. It is making me slow down alot on the movements as with crossfit it can be alot of fast going ? Also started off sometime in April I was around 65.3kg so now my 63.2kg  and food is really high veggies are high too ! Love kates veggie soup to is like another meal yayyyy  I joined up with Larry and kate as I wanted more of a life style change like it might sound dramatic but when have prepped for a few photoshoots sometimes it hard to switch off the side of my brain so ye have taught me loads about food, sleep stress and your environment and I’m sure there will be loads more to learn. Being consistent but if over eat or what not that to pull it back that it will always balance out at the end and CHEW YOUR FOOD!!!!!

June 1, 2020

“Now I find I don’t stress about food at all. I’m eating more than ever and I love it.”

I’ve lost emotional attachment with food. No food is good or bad to me anymore. I used to freak out if I even ate a sweet, like one sweet!! I eat like an adult, I plan for my treats, and even if I don’t plan I just move forward. I train 90% of the year so a blow out here and there won’t change me overnight. The gym sessions are very good, I know what I should be doing through the video content. My strength has changed greatly, particularly upper body. I love the changes in plans month to month yet the compound lifts are still in there. My upper body has scaled in a lot, particularly my arms and shoulders. I get out a lot more for walks in fresh air.”


March 2, 2019

“I definitely have a better relationship with food and I am not afraid to eat more than 1,500 calories a day!

I’m getting stronger and leaner despite eating more, and I feel better knowing that what I’m doing in the gym isn’t pointless and that I’m not wasting my time. I’ve been going to the gym for 2 years now and I would never know when or where I should increase the weight and how much I should be eating, as well as feeling like my workouts were doing nothing for me.. which I’ve learned since doing the Affiliate programme, it all came down to not tracking what I lift each week and not eating enough.”


March 1, 2019

18kg down – Joining the affiliate programme was one of the best decisions of my life.

“I joined Larrys affiliate program at the start of 2021 because I wanted some consistency in my life. I play a lot of sports and have been gyming since I was 15 (10 years) so there was always stages every year where I would do pretty well and be in good shape but by the end of every year I would be back at square 1, out of shape and unhappy.
First thing that drew me towards Larry was his straight shooting, he always told it how it was but not in an ignorant way but more of an informative way. On joining the affiliate he send you a few weeks of different information and videos you need to watch and within all this it literally tells you everything you need to know. Within this you get your recommend calories. From here he sends a new workout plan every month in which he changes it up which keeps things interesting but also ensure there’s constant progress.
The workouts are tough (split squats are the devil) but they are enjoyable and at the end of each workout you feel unreal. Outside of the workouts there is a weekly check in post on Facebook where you talk about how your week went and also send in a screenshot of an excel tracker given with the information at the start. This excel tracker just keeps you honest and accountable and is super helpful.
The big thing though is Larry is always available for questions whether it be on Facebook or Instagram. He always replies timely and will do all he can to help your query. Joining the affiliate programme was one of the best decisions of my life. All the tips and knowledge I’ve gained from Larry I bring into not only my life but the lives of the people around me and the positive changes they’ve all made from these small things have been life changing for them.
I couldn’t recommend Larry enough not only for people already into fitness but for all people whether your looking to start out or just ready to make a healthy change in your life 🙌🏼”.
December 10, 2021

Is this going to be YOU?

What will YOU be writing as your success story in 6 months time?

December 16, 2019

“My relationship with food is the best it has ever been, I feel fantastic in my body, I am confident and comfortable in my clothes while feeling strong and fit.

I absolutely love the Affiliate, I can feel the mindset change happen. Most lifts are now at the heaviest they have ever been and I am more confident in my form while performing them. My measurements are on the way down, the scales fluctuates but weight is down on when I started. I love the monthly change in program, it helps keeps me consistent with 4 days in the gym every week. I am not strictly tracking food and I am making more conscious decisions. I cannot thank you both enough.”


January 19, 2019

“Your Instagram page and Facebook page really help when comes to food ideas (can’t wait for the book till you knock Joe Wicks off his perch haha)”

I came into this programme off the back of a knee injury and I was scared to do legs incase I agitated it but with your help I got over that fear and am back squatting heavy. The best thing is that I have my mojo back, I train at 5:30 in the morning and now I feel so much more energized. The videos on Vimeo are very helpful in just knowing what I’m going to be do in the gym and am completely motivated to go to the gym and get it done and done well!”


January 2, 2019

“The knowledge and support I’ve received as a long term member of the Affiliate has enabled me to improve my relationship with food.”

I’ve learned so much in the last two years since joining the Affiliate. Dealing with the usual ups and downs of life. I’ve been guided by Larry and Kate in how to approach wellness no matter the circumstances. Goals change, as life can throw us curveballs. I started this journey with losing some belly fat in mind. I learned how to lose some fat. I also learned how to perform exercises correctly and efficiently. But the most valuable lesson of all was I learned how to approach my wellbeing with a calm confidence. Personally I really needed this as I had struggled for years. Never understanding the emotional impact my eating habits we’re having on me. Every problem I’ve had there has always been a solution either from Larry, Kate or within the group. Even now in these unusual circumstances, the sense of togetherness in the group is strong. I’m grateful to be a part of it, now more than ever.

Maria Dillon
May 18, 2020

“Kate and Larry gave me the tools I needed to control my eating habits”

Fantastic Service !! A credit to both Larry and Kate.  Joining the Affiliate has allowed me to gain control of my health and fitness journey. Kate and Larry gave me the tools I needed to control my eating habits, aswell as great workouts that helped me increase my strength and fitness with each session. Keep up the great work!

April 23, 2020

I think as a mum it’s important to set very realistic and achievable goals; not to compare yourself to others, to feel healthy, strong and have the energy to chase after a toddler!

I’m a first time mum to a one year old. Before becoming a mum would have trained few times a week at gym classes, done some running it was all part of my routine. After baby I took it easy and soaked it all in for the first few months. Once I got the okay from my female health physio I started back slowly and eventually tried to get back what I had being doing before but I was so tired in the evenings going to gym and I just didn’t enjoy going for a run any more. I found it hard trying to find a balance with returning to work, finishing off my college course and being a mum. I felt a bit stuck.

So in August (9 months post partum) I joined the affiliate as I wanted to do something that was flexible and slot into my routine and train while baby naps rather than waiting to go to a gym class in evenings. For the first month I trained consistently, then the following two months I had deadlines to meet for my college course. So something had to give as I couldn’t do everything, I had to take a step back from training, but instead of giving up completely I priortised family, course work, food 80% of the time, got some sort of daily movement such as a short walk and sleep. Last week I took a photo by chance I couldn’t believe the difference when I compared. I didn’t do any drastic dieting or intense exercising they were simple and realistic steps I took that worked for me. I tracked food at the beginning and I didn’t stress about it too much, it was purely just to see if I was getting enough calories in with breastfeeding and to match the active days, in fact I wasn’t so I upped my meal portions (yes more food!!!) I didn’t need to keep tracking after a few weeks as I could gauge how much food I needed.

What I love about the affiliate, Larry and Kate are so supportive on whatever is going on in your busy life they help make things work for you that is sustainable in the long term. I don’t feel like they are restrictive plans, it’s a very flexible approach to having a healthy and balanced lifestyle that is sustainable. I think as a mum it’s important to set very realistic and achievable goals; not to compare yourself to others, to feel healthy, strong and have the energy to chase after a toddler!

January 1, 2022

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Start your journey to increased food knowledge, understanding and empowerment! This is a subscription service. Your first month is €59.99 and ongoing membership is €19.99 monthly. You can cancel at any time with 3 days notice by emailing

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Frequently asked questions

Everyone will gain value from this insight into food – whether your goal is fat loss, muscle building or simple to eat better to improve your energy to keep up with the demands of life – Macro Management will be of value. 

The Affiliate includes our guidance on training and exercise as well as food. Macro Management is included as part of the Affiliate for those who would like to follow our training. But if you already do a different style of training or sports, or just want to start with food – you can do this via Macro Management. 

As soon as you sign up – you will get a welcome email from me. I will give you some links to join our Facebook group and also ask you to reply to me with some information on your current food approach and what your hoping to achieve. I will send you individual macros for your goal, along with a login to start learning! 

For the first 6 weeks, I’ll send you an email with something new to learn so we can continue to build an improve. 

You will get individual Macros for your goal – you can then pick the type of food you want to eat. We will give you lots of guidance and meal suggestions for you to try and encourage lots of variety. 

For the first week, you’ll continue to eat as you usually do. You can decide what meals you’d like to change or improve and the we continue to build making sustainable improvements. You can go at a pace that suits you.

There is no list of foods which you “must” or “must not” eat – all food choices can be accommodated for and we will teach you how to do it. 

Yes – we will give suggested set Macros of protein, fats and carbs – you can choose the sources you use. 

No. Our approach is sustainable long term, we will teach you methods you can use for life. The expected rate of fat loss is typically 0.4-0.8lbs per week depending on the individual. 

We encourage everyone to be open minded and open to trying some new things or new ways of cooking things, but there is no-one forcing you to do it. You can make small changes and improvements at a pace that suits you and for you goal. If its working and you enjoy  it – then there is no need to change! 

There is no such thing as a “cheat” meal – its all just food. We’ll teach you how to eat more calorie dense meals and factor them into your fitness goals and find balance. 

Using My Fitness Pal or weighing food is entirely optional.  We will give you a visual guide to food portions if you don’t want to weight or track. We encourage everyone eventually to move to an intuitive food approach using the skills we will teach you over time, where you will eventually not need to weight or track and can rely on your innate food knowledge and experience. 

Yes of course! You will still gain and learn a lot from all the content available in the online platform. Facebook is where we do extra Q&A and posts on other topics to improve health – its entirely optional. 

We would encourage everyone to give it least 6 months to give yourself time to make lasting changes when it comes to food and diet.  You can go at a pace that suits you – life happens, start where you are and do your best.  After that you can stay for as long as you like, you will learn something new and get support every month for a small cost of €9.99.  You can cancel any time with 3 days notice by emailing us. 

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