10 Fitness Christmas Gifts

Give the gift of FITNESS this Christmas!! Leading Online Coach Larry Doyle gives his Top 10 fitness gifts to suit all budgets…


1) Activity Trackers
Its the obvious one, but lets look at some options here with Fitbit’s first, IMO you don’t need to spend a fortune on a tracker, its a fancy pedometer, thats it.  So chill and don’t go drop any more than a ton on an over elaborate watch, the built in features aren’t so great, and also – use a Fit-bit for steps, thats it.

If you want to splash out and go deeper and get some real data, an Oura Ring is fantastic, for sleep, recovery and stress insights. It does cost a but more, but incredible information.

However, this data is somewhat inaccurate and flawed and is only as useful as the interpretation, to truly track it will cost literally 1000’s if not tens of thousands for the real hardware to track that info, a 100 quid piece of rubber with a clock face will not give you the most accurate feedback on your state of health, don’t forget to ask your self  “how am I doing today?” as opposed to your tracker – telling you how you feel.

2) Headphones :
The key to a great exercise session is music, and nothing sets the tone for a hard session than quality sound.

Forget about Beats by Dre , or AirPods, they all end up in the washing machine along with your hard earned money , I’ve had several pairs die a bubbly-death, so go for something with greater value, but just as good sound, Anker Wireless Headphones €24 bucks and just as good sound . I Personally use these for all my client calls too .

Literally 10 pairs for the same price as your big name brands.

3) Gym kit :
If you are thinking you need a barbell, you don’t ….. with a barbell, you also need a rack, a bench, plates, and another €3k+ to go with it..

Grab a set of kettlebell’s from our friends in Apollo fitness and get after it.  You can use them for lifting, swinging, conditioning, carrying, pulling , pushing, its the ultimate at home tool without the extra price tag.

If you REALLY want to splurge, go grab a set of adjustable dumbbells for under €800 .

If you REALY REALLY want to go ALL OUT, go get a decent cable system, but bring the cheque book .

4) Coffee :
Its not exactly fitness, but coffee is life….. for the budding coffee lover, get a v60 kit, some beans and maybe a small grinder, they’ll become a wanna be coffee a**hole just like me, but they will be happy each morning, but only after they drink the cup of black goodness. Approach with caution prior to this.

5) Hobbies :
Something as simple as a jigsaw, a Rubiks cube, lego,  an adult colouring book, hell I don’t care a child’s colouring book for that matter, whatever helps your receiver chill and unwind, we help clients all the time to manage stress by adding in a hobby. Giving the gift of down time chill and unwind this Christmas!

Want a more hands on hobby or to make a day of it? Learn a new skill and make a day of it,  with some woodwork with Bevel WoodWorking School or Gardening at Green Roads – even some Alpaca Walking! 

6) Recovery :
A foot spa and some epsom salts, foot spas aren’t for the elderly , they are for those who want to ramp up recovery, forget the sex toy massage gun, they hurt, and suck, a foot spa will help you chill unwind and assist in recovery for tired feet massively both directly and indirectly. Check for Epsom salts in your local farm / agricultural supplier – you’ll get a great deal on a 10kg bag!

7) Guided meditation/journalling :

A yearly subscription to Calm or headspace can be invaluable or even a 5 minute journal , to help offload and de load the mental stressors we are exposed to on a day to day basis , an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Or want something a little more immersive – try some online live yoga and breathing workshops from our good friends over at Living Off the Hook.

8) High performance planner:

A different form of planning/ journalling to the 5 minute journal, this is for the go getter , or for those who needs a kick in ass for 2021…ignite some inner power and get after those goals.

9) Cooking :

Get a cookery lesson, live and in person next year or online, giving the gift of this life skill is incredible and will be with them forever. The biggest complaint I see from clients or individuals struggling with food, is lack of confidence or knowledge in the kitchen

People we love:
Ciara’s kitchen
Eoin Sheehan

10) Reading:

You’ll see a reoccurring theme here in the gifts I suggest, most involve down time and of a restorative nature – ideally away from a screen, but in the world of social distancing, screens are a necessary way of connection .

Its all go and no slow, we need to pump the breaks and slow down, if it needs to be physically putting something into our loved ones hands to make them stop , slow down and take a second to sit, instead of podcasts and audibles  (yes thats counter intuitive to me suggesting to listen to my new podcast later) but slowing down is key, being able to take a moment to relax and just be….

Lots of thoughtful options that won’t break the bank and will help look after the physical and mental health of those you love this Christmas.


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