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My Approach

I do not offer “set" 8,10 or 12 week packages, my services are all based on sustainable long term health focused practices to improve your overall energy, health, sleep, mindset and give you the tools and knowledge to change your physique. All clients have access to my internal Facebook support community with real world nutrition, macro and adherence support and hacks to ensure you learn the skills to have a healthy approach to fitness. Improved physical and mental health is ultimately what I want to give you, along with the tools to maintain it on your own.

1-1 Coaching

*LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE*.If your goal is improved health, energy, fat loss, lean gain, improved food relationship or just all round improved fitness / life balance - the majority of my clients achieve this on my monthly Affiliate subscription. If you have a more focused goal to achieve, this may require a period of 1-1 Coaching with me (weekly email Check In) - €200 monthly. Please Email Me to discuss more focused goals and we can suggest the best option for you.

Affiliate Coaching Subscription

How the Affliate works

The Affiliate is for those who have some training experience but want a sustainable long term approach that will fit in with every day life. It is an ongoing lifestyle option.You will have access high quality training, with technique support, and the tools you need to create an effective approach to food for the real world. All supported by a vibrant Facebook coaching community where there are ongoing health and lifestyle hacks to give you a maintainable way to add health and fitness into your everyday life.

Competition Prep Coaching


Competition Prep coaching is available for both offseason and prep phases. A strict consulting process will be arranged to discuss prep duration and proposed target shows. €200 Monthly includes weekly check in.

Consultation & Practicals

Gym Training Practicals and Seminars

For Personal Trainers who wish to up-skill, I am available to book for practical staff training days individually tailored depending on what specific topics the group wishes to cover. Groups of 8-12, agenda of topics to be agreed in advance.