10 mins that will change your whole day

Morning routines and rituals – cut the Bull-Sh*t add the value… 

Its midday,

So that means your standard instagram morning routine that started at 5.30 am should be just about wrapped up.

Can we stop the bull-sh*t….please.

You can still be massively successful, productive and healthy without spending the whole morning doing “stuff”.

We don’t have the time to dedicate to an infinite amount of yoga, journalling, flow exercise, mindfulness, meditation , studying, reading , making your bed, stillness, cold showers,writing lists about to do lists….

Hopefully you’ve got a job, maybe some kids, and I dunno maybe some sleep to catch up on,  all of the above don’t give a sh*t for your morning routine.

The power of doing one thing really well will outweigh doing several things poorly.

If you can afford 10 minutes do this as your morning routine:

Grab a coffee, and go for a walk, its going to kill multiple birds with one lethal stone, you’ll get:
-some exercise,
-some fresh air,
-some blood flow,
-some nature,
-some you time,
-some mindfulness, 
-some time to decompress and prepare before a busy day ahead.

It may just be the only 10 minutes you have to your self in your day, so make it worthwhile. A valuable investment with huge ROI .

It will have noting to do with calories, steps or neat , its purely about you and setting yourself up for the hours ahead,

Set this out as a non negotiable for 2 weeks every day (weekends included) and watch the difference it makes, you don’t need an app , a subscription , or any thing physical for that matter.

Just 10 minutes.

Make it yours.


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