How important is diet for healthy hair?

Our resident Hair Expert Maria Dillon shares her insights on how your diet can keep your hair strong and shiny.


As hairdressers around the country reopen, we took a look at how “what you eat” can effect not just your waist line but your hair too. 

Protein is often portrayed as as “fitness / muscle building” food – its actually essential for general health, wellbeing and vitality.

While its easy to get caught up focusing on seeing results on the scales, by improving our diet we can see results in the mirror and your hairdresser will be the first notice if you’ve been eating enough protein.

We asked our resident hair expert from Platinum Hairdressing in Castlebar, MayoMrs Dillon for her insights on what goes into keeping your hair healthy and why diet plays such an import role.

Hi Folks

I hope you are all well. I’m here to chat a little on how a healthy approach to nutrition can benefit your physical appearance in more  ways than one. A thick glossy mane is one of the most desired looks for us ladies (and lads!).

And let me tell you that your diet has a bigger impact on this dream becoming a reality than you might think.

The vital role of protein. 


We all know that protein is essential for growth and repair in our bodies – Larry harps on enough about it!! But believe it or not your hair follicles contain tiny little muscles called “arrector pilli”.

As these muscles contract, follicles are stimulated to promote growth.

Consuming adequate protein consistently through our diet contributes to the building blocks of a thick head of healthy hair.

As food is digested, essential nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream. These eventually end up being fed into the hair follicles via the papilla. A tiny bulb of connective tissue and the base of the hair follicles all over the scalp.

For the nerdy Folk amongst us.

Collagen, elastin, keratin and biotin are all types of protein which can contribute to healthy hair growth. You’ll recognise these terms from your shampoo bottles – you probably even have some version of these in your bathroom. You will find these naturally in mainly in meat and dairy products. With smaller quantities in nuts, avocados, spinach, sweet potatoes. 

So eating well and getting these protein directly from food will give your hair the boost it needs.

Back in 2016 when my gym hun life began. I started learning about protein and macro. At that point I had very light wispy hair. As time went on I began to notice changes in the new hair that was growing out.

That’s when I began to do a little more research so I could give this information to my clients.It’s something I include now in all my consultations.

“No amount of fancy products can outrun a poor diet.”

Healthy hair comes from the inside out. Treating your hair with respect and kindness by using good quality products and gentle handling can back this up. A regular trim will also play a key role here. 

By combining these, you are onto a winner.


We all know nutrition is important but its great to hear from other professionals outside the fitness industry how it plays a part in other areas of our wellbeing. 

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We wish Maria and all the hairdressers around the country the very best as they reopen to look after us. 

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