How to Manage Christmas

How to successfully navigate Christmas

 Is it all “Ho Ho Ho” or Are you saying “No No No”? 
The Christmas holidays are typically an exciting and social time of the year, but with that can come some challenges. You may find yourself eating in an unusual pattern, staying up later than usual, not being as active, basically living a completely different routine. It is important that this time of year is spent socialising, but also prioritising a lot of downtime. The idea of ‘overeating’ may cause a lot of stress around the Christmas period. Maybe you feel you will lose progress due to the gym being closed?

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3 Steps to a better week

Heres 3 steps you can take to make next week better than this week. First of all,  Better = +1%, it doesn’t need to be perfect, ???? ??????. 1️⃣ Analyse and assess the previous week. “???? ?? ????, ????? ?? ??? , ???? ?? ????? ????? ?? ??”. Stop sweeping the previous 7 days under the

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