Meat Free Carbonara

Meat Free Low Calorie High Protein Carbonara – 30g of protein per portion!

?Half box of Soy Bean (1/4 box is one portion) Spaghetti boiled in a pot – takes about 8-10mins.

?Chopped up veggies in another pan, I used mushrooms, leeks, green beans & red onion – but use whatever you like. (Add a spoon of easy garlic optional).

When the spaghetti is done – save the water this is for the sauce (about half a cup). Throw the spaghetti into the veg to keep it all warm.

For the sauce – add 2 egg yellows*, 30g light cheese (I used the Ardagh one) and the pasta water into the saucepan and stir gradually. Add salt, squee3 of lemon juice and loads of black pepper.

Pour sauce into the spaghetti and veg, add a big handful of chopped spinach and more black pepper.

Serves two big portions – 230 calories each.

?Macros for the lot: P60 | F20 | C8 (two portions of P30 | F10 | C4).

Let me know if you try this out @katelaurenkel on Instagram!


*Use the spare egg white to make crumble topping on my “Plumble”

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