Low Calorie Crumble

Macro friendly Peach & Plum Crumble? (Plumble)

Serves 2 (double up on everything to make a family version).

?Filling: 4 peaches? & 4 plums sliced up.

❇ You can switch plums to blueberries (150g frozen or fresh). Or use a combination of peach, plum & berrie, I’ve made a few versions…. The plum and peach is my favourite!

?Crumble Topping: 50g oats and 1 wheetabix crushed up and mixed together well with 1 egg white (use a fork or your finger tips). With a little cinnamon.

Put the whole thing in the oven for 30-40 mins⌚ @180 or until the top is starting to crisp?.

?Macros: P18 | C118 | F6 (2 decent portions of P9 |C59 | F3)

?Serve with 100g of low fat cottage cheese, quark or 0% greek yogurt etc and that will get you another 10-12g Protein per portion.

❇Options: You can double the ingredients to make a bigger family version or just to batch cook for yourself for a few days. You could also try switch the base fruit.

This is delicious hot or cold, and its the perfect afternoon lunchbox material to make everyone in work jealous!

Try it out and let me know what you think – tag me in your tasty food pictures @katelaurenkel on Instagram!


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