Smoked Turkey Rasher Noodles

The Kerrigans smoked turkey Rashers… pack some serious flavour and the high protein low fat macros make these a winner!!
Try this Noodle,  Sun-dried Tomato, Turkey Rasher stir fry. – 3 rashers. Big handful of mixed green, mushrooms, onion, 40g sundried Tomato, packet of noodles – toss everything in the pan together. Flavour explosion!! – I also added a teaspoon of easy chilli🌶️. – 📍Macros: P35 | F6 | C49. Calories 400 – Set your taste buds on fire – the rashers are part of our LD Staples Bundle with Kerrigans, build some tasty meals into your week. Let me know if you try this out @katelaurenkel on Instagram! Kate
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