Sun-dried Tomato Bread

Make your own Sun-dried Tomato Bread!

Dieting in a calorie deficit is only one part of changing body composition, eating in a calorie surplus is the other phase where they need lots of fuel.

Or simply… the bigger/taller/more active you are the more calories you need, so a 100kg active person would still need a lot of carbs when dieting.

Enter Sun-Dried Tomato Bread

  • 200g Wholemeal flour with 200g Plain Flour (or any ratio you like really – make do with what you have in the cupboard!).
  • 400mls of buttermilk (might need a little drop more/less , go by how it feels).
  • A teaspoon of salt, a heaped teaspoon of bread soda.

?Mix it all together  in the bowl. Add 100g of drained chopped Sun Dried Tomatoes into the mixture.

?Nead it a little on the counter to combine the tomatoes into the bread, you’ll need to use some extra flour on the counter and adjust the ratio if its too sticky.

? Shape it into a round shape, and add cross slit on the top.

?Turn the oven up hot, 210 and pop it in on a tray for 20 mins, then turn it down to 200 for another 20 min. Leave it to cool, it’s cooks for another half hour when it’s out of the oven so don’t be tempted to cut it!!

?Macros: P56 | F22 | C320 (approx 1700 cals per loaf).

You can get about 8 slices off each half, so 16 in total, roughly 105cals per slice or 20g of carbs. So that’s not bad if you can keep it to a few slices and not smother it with butter!!

Plus if your working from home, you could pop this on in the morning and have it ready for lunch and snacks for the rest of the day. Make a new one everyday!

Traveling to see someone? This is a lovely thing to bake and bring someone as a gift!


❇Also shows that 20g carbs is usually a good estimate for a slice of brown bread when your eating out!

Let me know if you try this out @katelaurenkel on Instagram!


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