One Pot Pasta

One Pot Pasta – this is an “emergency-break-glass-meal” because you can always find pasta and a tin of tuna, mackerel or sardines in the cupboard to make it!!

This makes 3 portions

150g pasta, add salt and boiling water, just enough to cover it.

When the pasta is nearly done, chop & throw in a full pack of tender stem broccoli? & green beans (or any other veggies you like!)

Cook until all the water is just about gone. Drain.

Add some chopped spring onion, tomatoes (optional) and parsley / basil or other dried or fresh herbs.

Mix in 3 tins of mackerel or sardines in tomato sauce (or a combination!). I use the ones from Aldi.

Divide the whole pot into 3, one for now and 2 prepped for lunch boxes. Serve on bed of spinach for even more extra greens ?.

Delicious hot or cold, super cheap, and an easy way to add more oily fish ? into your diet.

Macros* for entire pot: 62 P | 108 C | 48 F.

3 meals of 20 P | 36 C | 16 F.

*I used Aldi tinned mackerel in tomato sauce and gluten free pasta for these macros.

Let me know if you try this out @katelaurenkel on Instagram!


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