Two Course Breakfast Delight

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Why eat one breakfast when you can eat 2! Learn how to increase food VOLUME and eat more, without adding extra calories….

1️⃣. 2 egg omelette with chorizo and mozzarella – mostly protien and fat.

2️⃣. Wheetabix with strawberies and whey – mostly protien and carbs.

Either of these alone are great little snacks / light meals, but together they are a 2 course breakfast delight that will kickstart your day!!!

?Omelette Macros: P19 | F20 | C3.

Mixed veggies on a pan – I had tomato, mushrooms and broccoli. With 20g chorizo, 2 eggs and 10g mozzarella. Topped with a big handful of mixed green leaves!

?Wheetabix Macros: P19 | F3 | C47.

3 wheetabix, 100g fresh strawberries and small Scoop (15g) whey with milk.

Life is too short to not eat breakfast like a queen! Let me know if you try this out @katelaurenkel on Instagram!