#49 Helen Keeble – Pelvic Health

Helen Keeble Pelvic Health Specialist talks to Larry Doyle

Helen (www.helen-keeble.com) is an experienced, passionate and down-to-earth pelvic health physiotherapist. She is also a tutor/presenter and co-founder of www.umi-health.com. In recent years Helen has also researched and developed her own post-graduate course & webinars focusing on the functional female pelvic floor that is open to all health and fitness professionals.

In today’s chat, we dive into all things pelvic health with Helen , how to instantly improve it and how we can improve our sex lives too !

A chat not to be missed !

Website : www.helen-keeble.com  – www.umi-health.com
IG: helenkeeblephysio

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