#40 Sarah Keogh -Dietician & Nutritionist – Eatwell.ie

Sarah Keogh, Dietician & Nutritionist from Eatwell.ie

Sarah is the founder of Eatwell and has over 20 years’ experience working in nutrition and dietetics. Sarah has a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Trinity College, Dublin and a Masters in European Food Regulation. Sarah works with food companies on food legislation and product development as well as delivering workplace wellness sessions and nutrition courses. Sarah is an outstanding speaker on nutrition whether she is delivering a nutrition session or speaking on radio & television.


In this  fantastic episode , we chat with Sarah on all things nutrition , peeling back the complex layers removing the confusion and creating clarity. 

Website : www.eatwell.ie
IG : sarahkeoghrd
Twitter :  Dietitianbytes

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