#36 Paul Standell – Effective Communication

Paul Standell - Effective Communication
Paul is a Senior Coach and Educator with the Muscle Mentors. He has a deep interest in Physics and Psychology (those two obviously related fields). He’s been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years and has worked with almost every imaginable type of client in that time, from athlete to CEO, from disordered eating to physical disability, and from general fat loss and muscle gain to contest prep and photo shoot. Outside of Fitness, Paul is a Theatre Nerd (he has an Acting degree), a musician, an avid reader and a piss poor rugby player. His approach to coaching is best described as Client Centred, meaning everything is built around what is best for the particular individual in question.

In this episode , we dive into effective communication , how we can improve and deliver more clear, concise and accurate information in any situation.

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