#30 Sean Kinane – Broken Metabolisms ?

Seán Kinane is the owner and head tester at Health Matters, a company that is unique and scientifically driven, specialising in fitness testing, performance enhancing, and overall health related programmes.

A sports performance specialist and holds an BTEC Advanced Diploma in Nutrition & Health Coaching, an HDip in Nutritional Therapy, is an Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutrition Adviser.  Sean has ran Health Matters for over ten years carrying out over 10,000 metabolic/Vo2 tests along the way, he now one of the most experience and active testers in Europe. Apart from testing and working with clients on a one-to-one basis, Seán frequently lectures on various sports nutrition and performance courses both national and internationally and comes with a wealth of knowledge in his field.

In this episode, we dive into is  metabolism , is it broken and how to test it. 

You can reach out and find Seán below.
Website :  https://www.myhealthmatters.ie/
IG : https://www.instagram.com/healthmatters6411/

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