Eoin Sheehan, TV Chef

#4 – Eoin Sheehan

Eoin Sheehan is a 24 year old TV Chef & Food Entrepreneur from Limerick. Having to start cooking for himself in college out of necessity, Eoin began to sell dinners and grew he’s business ‘Country Munch’. Eoin now is a resident chef on Virgin Media Six o Clock show showcasing easy to do home-cooked meals and teaches cooking demos and workshops to corporates and companies around Ireland.

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Brian Keane Fitness

#2 – Brian Keane

Irish fitness entrepreneur, former fitness model, ultra endurance athlete, author & podcaster Brian Keane joins us this week for an amazing episode #2. We dive into ideas around managing both your time and self, mentally and physically in this jam packed episode.

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Larry Doyle and kate kelly

#1 – Kate Kelly

The First lady of Larry Doyle Coaching, Kate Kelly, whilst currently working in the fitness Industry, many are unaware of Kate’s journey to the current day. From working 9-5 in various non fitness sectors, Kate shares her journey along the way, how we met, how she got into fitness while maintaining a work/life balance, all

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