#4 – Eoin Sheehan

Eoin Sheehan, TV Chef

Eoin Sheehan is a 24 year old TV Chef & Food Entrepreneur from Limerick. Having to start cooking for himself in college out of necessity, Eoin began to sell dinners and grew he’s business ‘Country Munch’. Eoin now is a resident chef on Virgin Media Six o Clock show showcasing easy to do home-cooked meals and teaches cooking demos and workshops to corporates and companies around Ireland.

The biggest issues we often encounter with new clients(and old) is that 1)they cannot cook or 2) they massively over complicate their food.

Allow Eoin to bring us back down earth with some simple and easy to implement  culinary tricks and tips  in this valuable episode .

You’ll find 2 free recipe booklets below for you to try out at home
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