Macro Management

Join our online client food management hub. Remove food stress and increase success with your food knowledge, skills and independence. 

What you will learn

  • How to cook simple everyday recipes.
  • How to diet without restriction. 
  • How to reduce stress and anxiety around food. 
  • How to eat out and enjoy social occasions will still keeping on track with your fitness goal.
  • How to track and count macros.  
  • Increased food knowledge, understanding and empowerment for life. 

Increase your food knowledge, understanding and empowerment for life! Get support from my Facebook Group Community. 

This is a subscription service, your first month is €30 and ongoing membership is €9.99 monthly. 

Before signing up, please click here to read the Waiver of Liability

€59.99 for the first month then €19.99/month


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