#25 Brian Ó hÁonghusa- Rd.2

Good friend and all round good guy, Brian Ó hÁonghusa , Head Nutritionist  from Triage Method joins me for the second time, 

In this episode , we dive into “If Brian could change one thing about people“….
Self compassion is a crucial element we missing and in this episode we discuss how to create and nurture it.

He’s back for round 2  for an incredibly valuable episode ,  Brian o Haonghusa. 

Brian is one of Ireland’s premiere nutrition coaches with experience coaching hundreds of clients in many different countries from a wide array of backgrounds. From professional athletes to clients with specific digestive or hormonal conditions like IBS or PCOS to clients wanting to improve their health and body composition and especially clients who need help with their relationship with food and food fear or anxiety, disordered eating patterns like binge eating and overly restrictive eating behaviours. 

The bottom line for Brian’s coaching mantra is that it be a collaborative, client-centred and compassionate approach with a firm belief that someone won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Working together with his clients to drive the results and breakthroughs that they desire, be it in their health, mindset, relationship with food, physique/body composition or performance.

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