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Join me for a small group practical workshop in the new Larry Doyle HQ training facility in Enniscorthy (1hr from South Dublin). New workshops and dates are added regularly!


For beginners or those who would like to start weight training for the first time.
My most popular workshop. For those with some experience but looking to make improvements, everyone learns something new from this!
This is my “Bro” Masterclass where focusing on upper body.

For personal trainers, online coaches and those working in the fitness industry looking to up skill.

It doesn’t matter how much weight you lift unless you can own the movement!

I am using the “Checklist” I learned at the Masterclass – especially with my deadlifts and squats ensuring all is engaged before moving a weight. I learned alot in terms of training, it really dosent matter what weight you can lift in order for it to be effective everything needs a checklist and you need to feel and own the movement.

Jenny, 27, Personal Trainer
September 22, 2019

Since the masterclass I’ve trained 3 times and my intensity has increased significantly!!

Focusing on the muscle in question and time under tension – training the muscle and not just the movement. Small adjustments which can be made to ensure tension is maintained throughout movements.

Paul - BD Manager
December 10, 2019

Warm up the muscle your going to use!!

I realise how much I need to brace myself and breath while lifting Also Larry’s cues on bicep, I always think of this when training arms – imagine theres a tennis ball between your forearm and bicep.

Dan - Home Carer
December 10, 2019

No matter how much you know you always have room to learn more.

The smallest takeaways can have the biggest impacts – for me, it was all about breathing and bracing. What I would have previously thought was “bracing” was actually not bracing and more like me just basically holding my breath!! I’d love a Masterclass with Larry for each section of the body or movement type?!

Daniel - PT
December 10, 2019

I’ll definitely come back – I’d like to learn more from Larry

I used all drills we learned at the Masterclass in my own training and also with my clients and the feedback from them are great!

Gary - S&C Coach
November 22, 2019
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