#8 Pat Divilly – Meditation, journalling and emotional literacy

Pat Divilly is an author, speaker and coach who shares stories, experience and exercises in physical, mental and emotional wellness. Pat initially started in the fitness industry where between 2012 and 2016 his fitness classes grew from 5 clients on his local beach to 20,000+ clients globally on online training courses. 

Since 2015 he has been delivering personal development workshops, seminars and retreats sharing tools from meditation, yoga, journaling, breath work, NLP and cognitive behavioural therapy. His goal is to share simple strategies for inner certainty in a sometimes overwhelming world. Pat’s hope is that attendees leave his session feeling empowered and hopeful about small changes they can implement to bring more fulfilment and purpose to their personal and professional lives.

We dive in on all things mindset,  journalling , meditation and emotional literacy in a jam packed episode.


You can find Pat below
The Pat Divilly Podcast

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