#15 Phil Graham – Productivity 101

Phil Graham is an established Sports Nutritionist, Author and Business Mentor for Fitness Professionals. Formerly, Phil was regarded as one of the UK & Ireland’s leading personal trainers and is internationally recognised for his work and contribution to the world of diabetes and fitness.

Phil educates thousands of personal trainers each year through his public seminars, workshops and keynotes at some of the world’s most respected health and fitness exhibitions. His work has also been featured in magazines, newspapers, on tv, radio and across the internet,  at present, Phil’s main area of focus is helping fitness professionals grow their businesses.

In this episode of the Gen-Pop Podcast, we dive into all things productivity and how to get the most out of an dominate 2021 …..

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Lets get 2021 off to a productive start.

Website : https://www.phil-graham.com/
IG : https://www.instagram.com/philgraham01/


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