#11 Eoin Lacey – Reclaiming your sleep

Eoin has worked as Performance Consultant for over 25years helping Ireland’s top athletes and business executives reach , sustain and surpass their performance goals.

Eoin is also an owner and founder of the Irish Strength Institute Ireland’s largest and most successful chain of performance and personal training centres. Utilising nutrition, mindset, training, lab testing , supplementation, physical therapy and functional medicine allows Eoin to develop a plan of attack like no other.

In this episode Eoin shares his insights and top tips into reclaiming your slumber . Sleep is incredibly overlooked when it comes to your health and wellness, allow us to help you reclaim what is most restorative.   

You can find Eoin on the links below
Website https://eoinlaceyeducation.com/
IG https://www.instagram.com/eoinlaceyeducation/

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