The main result I have achieved? Treating my mind and body better. I have achieved peace by fighting binge eating off

The biggest thing for me has been learning to eat without shame or guilt and been able to deal with food without feeling bad emotions towards it. Also the exercises I’m extremely grateful for your creativity during this rough time in lockdown we are all facing. I am constantly learning from Macro Management and its application in life, the approach yourself and Kate have towards life, which has given me a new way of seeing things. I actually focus more on least mode now than anything. I’ve been maintaining or losing weight and the slow application of exercises to my daily routine has made me more determined to continue, while working around injury. I realized its all a state of mind. And you guys influenced on that so much, I couldn’t be more thankful.  The Affiliate should be the basics for everyone to learn how to be healthy but be healthy in peace.

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