Larry has an unmatched ability to draw motivation and to instil belief.

I was lucky enough to have Larry prep me for two shows as well as develop into a close friend and mentor. To say that the service and dedication that he provides to his clients goes above and beyond would be an understatement. He can not only help you follow the path to your goals but he can map out the way – predicting elements as he goes (with almost scary precision). With an uncontested level of knowledge and experience it is genuinely a gift to have him as a coach.

This man has an undying love for what he does and the strongest self-imposed duty of care for his clients. With his help I managed to pull back 19kg/41lbs to achieve a stage-ready physique and in the process find my true passion – It is safe to say that without Larry’s guidance I would not have achieved what I did and I would not have found something I truly love.

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