I really cannot recommend Larry highly enough as he is an absolute knowledge bomb and is a true professional in his field.

I am so grateful I was in such good hands for my first bikini competition. For me, a coach isn’t someone who sends you diet plans but is someone who supports and looks after you. I can honestly say Larry did just that and more. He has taught me how to eat to properly fuel my body and never once starved me! Larry kept a very close eye on me throughout and only made
tiny adjustments when necessary. Everything from the training and nutrition was tailored for my own personal needs and what worked best for me. There really is no one size fits all.
I was also never told to do hours of cardio which I was kind of afraid of, it was kept pretty tight for the most part, even as a 9-5 desk worker. Larry was literally there every step of the way.
He was able to answer any questions I had and was always just a text away if I needed him.
On the day of the show I was lucky enough to have Larry there to have a look over me and keep me calm. I couldn’t have been happier with my stage physique and I also managed to take 3rd place in a class of over 20 competitors. For me that’s a massive achievement and could not be happier considering it was my first time on stage. I am now a few weeks post show and I’m feeling so good in myself. Larry got me straight back on track with a new programme and is still keeping a close eye on me. I’m so excited for the next few months to see what progress we can make.

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