I would highly recommend working with this man to get you in the best shape of your life as he is like a book of knowledge.

I went to Larry with one simple plan to get me in the best condition possible in 16 weeks. I have known Larry’s work for some time now and knew he was the man to help me achieve my goals through his training and nutrition plans and he did not disappoint.

I knew it would be hard running 2 business’s and having a new born child to boot but was willing to do what it took under Larry’s guidance and motivation to get me through the hardest days when I did not feel like getting up early for cardio or when lacking in energy to hit the gym hard.

His training programs are all designed around each individual progressing week to week and seeing massive change physically to drive you on to do better each and every week in and out of the gym.

Nutrition was pretty much plain sailing not having to go too low calories at all over the 16 weeks which was great to keep me full and still keeping some of my favourite foods in to make the whole process much easier to handle while getting leaner each week too.

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