He’s a top class coach and goes above and beyond for his clients.

I approached Larry for the typical lose body fat and to ‘tone’ etc but what I got in return was so much more, yes my body composition changed dramatically. Could I be happier with my appearance…of course us ladies are never happy with some body part!!

Coming from a powerlifting background my training changed and I loved it, a tailored programme to suit me and my needs. Larry shared his expert tips and advice made it life long coaching instead of short quick fixes like I see with many ‘PT’s’ .

Especially with nutrition he has taught me its not a diet, its a lifestyle and how to include everything into my eating so I didn’t end up binging. I have never ate as much especially CARBS haha!

Larry has taught me so many things on a different level mentally and physically. I have become a lot more confident in myself. He has helped me out with his words of wisdom on how to deal with day to day stresses and has shown me how these affect my body.

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