Larry’s knowledge and experience are why I chose him as a coach. He has walked the walk as well as talked the talk over the last number of years.

As an owner of 2 PT studios I have always worked long hours but always managed to fit my training in somehow.

However, after the birth of my daughter I found it extremely difficult to get motivated with lack of sleep, trying to juggle everything. When I finally decided to pull myself out of a rut that had lasted 5 months I made the choice that, for the first time in my life, I was going to get a coach to help me get my mojo back for training.

I sought out Larry because I really enjoyed his content, especially his Snapchat and Instagram content. Larry is a no nonsense straight talker who consistently puts out excellent content on social media. 

I have really enjoyed outsourcing my training and nutrition strategies to Larry. It has been refreshing. It is important for fellow PT’s to understand the importance of having their own coach. It can give you a new direction. Being accountable to somebody for the first time in my life helped massively with my compliance, both from a training, and a nutritional point of view.

If somebody is looking for a knowledgeable coach I would recommend Larry in a heartbeat.

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