4 months With Larry totally changed how I perceive the world of training and nutrition, more than any degree or PT course has done in the past.

I was receiving coaching from Larry for a little over 4 months and I can’t speak highly enough of him and the service he provides. I was fairly happy with my start physique as I’ve always tried to stay in good shape due to Rugby, and coming from a strength and conditioning background I thought had good knowledge of how to get into shape. However Larry’s knowledge and experience is just phenomenal, and totally changed my way of thinking and how to approach diet and training, which I will now have with me forever. He blew my perspective on ‘cutting’ out the water. The methods he uses makes the whole process so achievable, and at times easy. My past experience of cutting/ dieting has been very restrictive, extremely low calories and very difficult to adhere to. However with Larry, (excluding the last couple weeks) I was eating more than I ever had before and was still loosing body fat, and didn’t feel restricted at all. By the end I had a physique I was delighted with, and was able to hold onto muscle, which ordinarily I would lose whilst cutting. Above all else he gives you the best no BS advice, doesn’t sugar coat and was correct with his forecasting every step of the way (including my estimated finish weight to the exact kg). Any hiccups or worries I had, he would immediately eliminate and be able to tell me exactly what was happening and how to fix it. The confidence that gives you is priceless, and meant I never questioned anything. As I said before, I cannot recommend highly enough.

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