I finished my 5 months having gone from 199lbs in jan to 173.2lbs and 12.1% body fat

I started with Larry in the start of the first lockdown last year after having a bad online coaching experience at the start of the year but wanting to find some accountability and structure in a mental time and it was one of the best decisions I made.

Larry & I set the goal to fat loss & got to work. There was no massive calorie restrictions, no unrealistic exercise goals and most importantly no bull. As I was coaching classes on zoom my main resistance training was my 3 sessions a week, I had started running last year in lockdown and kept with it so I set a goal of 2 runs a week and to hit my steps goal of 10k a day. There was nothing sexy about it but if there is one thing I’ve learned from Larry above all is he has taught me the power of consistency! Ticking boxes day in day out and letting the weight look after itself.

After about 2 months in I got an offer to get some professional progress shots done at the beginning of June so after a chat with Larry I decided to go for it and we set our sites on getting in the best shape of my life and did we ever! I finished my 5 months having gone from 199lbs in jan to 173.2lbs and 12.1% body fat and while that’s amazing and I’m so proud the most important part I think is that from the start of Jan to 4th June when I got my pictures taken there is 24 weeks and in total I dropped 25.8lbs . In other words to get in the shape in my life I just had to consistently lose just over 1lb or 0.5kg a week, no massive drops or fads just long term sustainable fat loss where while I may not have always been able to eat everything I wanted there was nothing I couldn’t or didn’t eat. I had ice cream, I had cake, I had alcohol and yes bread! I couldn’t be more delighted with my results and more thankful to having the foresight to not hit the fuck it button and to stick with Larry, control the controllables and get shit done regardless of whether a room with 4 walls and weights was open or not. Thanks to Larry for making the process easier than I could have imagined.

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