After following Larry and seeing the attention and effort he puts into his coaching, I knew he was the coach I wanted to work with to get me in shape for my wedding day”

I started working with Larry on a 1 to 1 basis back in February 2019, ahead of my wedding which was in August. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, but wanted to ‘tone up’ especially around my mid-section as my wedding dress was very fitted, all whilst remaining primarily focused on my overall health- something which Larry placed paramount importance on throughout. Throughout my 6 months of coaching with Larry, I learned the importance of consistency and that no drastic measures were needed to achieve the look that I had in mind. I enjoyed plenty of nights out and social occasions along the way and Larry was always there to reassure me and help work these events into my week when needed. Larry placed a huge emphasis on downtime, sleep and digestion- which for me is the most important thing I can take away from the entire coaching experience. Working long hours, getting in training sessions and planning a wedding at the same time came with its fair share of stress- and downtime is something which I have massively neglected in the past which in turn affected my digestion and caused all sorts of stomach issues. I worked with Larry to put measures in place to overcome those issues and after that everything else fell into place. I achieved the results I wanted whilst changing very little in terms of training and nutrition throughout the 6 month period, and improved the overall quality of my life in the process. I cannot thank Larry and Kate enough for their help and support throughout- they have simply been amazing! I am looking forward to continuing my Affiliate journey with them now that my goal has been met and the wedding is over and have learnt many life lessons that I will continue to implement for years to come.

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